“People who love to eat are always the best people. - Julia Child” 

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Handcrafted Herbal Products from the farm

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Our Food Philosophy:


Our passion for food stems from the desire to live a vigorous and harmonious lifestyle, one that is closely connected to nature. In order to be on top of our game, day in and day out, we choose to eat the foods and herbs that will allow our bodies to excel, toward greatness. The foods we choose to eat will either encourage or hinder our bodies ability to adapt to the outside world.

With learning to cook wholesome meals, utilizing fresh, nutrient dense ingredients, and adding in herbal medicine, you can begin to shift your body and mind towards balance. Cooking from scratch is one of our greatest allies when we have the desire to eat, look, and feel good.

Without focusing on one particular diet, my culinary inspiration comes from a melange of dietary principles, utilizing them appropriately throughout the year. Starting with fresh, seasonal, and locally grown ingredients, I used traditional preparations to create a nutrient dense cuisine. 


About the team

Frank, Camille, Wilder, and Sunny live in the Midcoast Maine area and together they run Three Lily Farm, a culinary education and retreat center on 26 acres. Merging Frank's background in the culinary arts and inspiration from traditional diets, we are passionate about the quality of food that goes into our bodies and living sustainably with the land. For all of their products, cooking courses, dinners, workshops, and catering events, if the food or herbs aren't grown directly at Three Lily Farm, it's coming from a nearby organic farm. Read more about us here.