How To Eat An Acorn

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A Food Revolution, One Acorn At A Time!

Would you like to be a part of the North American wild food renaissance?

Join Daniel Vitalis and Chef Frank Giglio as they share their tried and true methods for harvesting, processing and creating delicious, innovative recipes to get you started eating acorns at home! Lighten your dependency on the food system, develop food sovereignty sourced from your local ecology and enrich your diet with a nutritious, wild staple food that’s easily incorporated into your kitchen. Acorn is one of the most accessible and valuable wild foods in our ecosystem— an ideal harvest for the entry level wild food enthusiast and the experienced forager alike. Add this ancestral knowledge and practice to your wild food skill-set and enjoy this nourishing dietary staple in your holiday and winter meals this season.

This is the beginning of the acorn revolution! 

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