Luscious Face Mask

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Luscious Face Mask

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A soothing treat for your face. This is my own recipe that I have been using on my face for years, with added herbs grown on our land for extra skin nutrition. The Maine harvest kelp is soothing for any scars on the face, plus providing minerals for your skin to absorb. The clay is skin nutrition and balancing for any types of skin. Oily, dry, broken out, unbalanced, etc.

This product is in powder form so you can choose the liquid to mix with. Add under a nickel sized amount of powder to your hand, and mix with a liquid - you can use clean water (I do not recommend using tap water on the face ever), raw honey, or even an herbal tea (green tea is awesome!). You can also use this mask as a spot treatment.

Made with love:
bentonite clay, Maine kelp powder, rose, calendula, chamomile, cedar, and rosemary

0.5 ounce tin: 6-8 masks

2 ounce tin: 20-22 masks

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